Experience the
wild of Lesotho
at Semonkong Lodge

Our History

Armelle & Jonathan Halse took over the running of Semonkong Lodge, from the Frasers Trading Company, in 1990.  The site on which the lodge stands, started by Syd Chaplain of Maluti Treks, was a favourite camping base for pony trekkers and fly fisherman looking to catch the famous brown or rainbow trout. Today, the lodge has grown to 23 stone and thatch rooms neatly positioned on the banks of the Maletsunyane River.

Deeply ingrained in the Semonkong Village and community which is just a stone’s throw away, the lodge is always bustling with activity as the Basotho people go about their daily lives. The balcony outside our Duck and Donkey Tavern,  offers a fascinating view of daily life in Lesotho, as the Basotho’s, in their straw hats and traditional blankets, trot gracefully past on their ponies, followed by scuttling sheep, dogs, goats and donkeys. They are constantly transporting food and supplies, including large amounts of beer, from Semonkong to their villages which are sometimes days away.

Semonkong lodge believes in empowering individuals within our local community, using our environment and its conservation as the focal point of all our activities, creating long term sustainable income through tourism for as many people as possible. Please support all these activities as they provide jobs & strive to conserve the environment.  

Semonkong Lodge offers you a glimpse of life in “The Kingdom in the Sky”, knowing you will return home refreshed and at peace.