Experience the
wild of Lesotho at
Semonkong Lodge


Semonkong remains a remote frontier town isolated from the rest of Southern Africa, which has allowed the Basotho pony to thrive & stay at the centre of Basotho life. Ponies are not only used in everyday activities, such as transport of people & goods, but they also have their time in the spotlight.

The monthly (in winter) horse races are one of these times. The horse races here happen because our entire livelihood revolves around Basotho ponies & horse owners are completely passionate about the sport. Weather permitting, once a month, the local Semonkong Racing committee organises horse races for a Saturday afternoon once a challenge has arisen. There are various tracks in the area & everyone gathers on the day with great excitement & jubilation.

The biggest horse races are usually the weekend of the King’s Birthday (17th July) & Independence weekend (04th October). We do encourage Guests, Companies or whoever is willing to sponsor the horse races – the greater the prize money the bigger the event!

Please note the horse races are subject to weather conditions & there is a possibility that venues may change accordingly. Send us an email to book.