Donkey Pub Crawl

Experience Lesotho culture around Semonkong

Semonkong lodge believes in empowering individuals within our local Community, using our environment & it conservation as the focal point of all our activities, creating long term sustainable income through tourism for as many people as possible in our community. Please support all these activities as they provide jobs & strive to conserve the environment.

Semonkong Town Tour
±LSL110.00 per person (with Lunch an optional extra charge at LSL40.00)

Enjoy & learn about local life in Semonkong Town, and experience Lesotho culture. Stroll the streets; meet the local people accompanied by an informative local as a tour guide. Visit the local market & brewery before enjoying a traditional lunch at a locally owned restaurant – excluded in the tour price!

Traditional Blanket Presentation
±LSL100.00 per person depending on group size

Visit the home of Mé Masetho & view an assortment of traditional Basotho blankets. Learn all about the designs and different meanings of these patterns of the ‘likobo’ (blanket).

Donkey Pub Crawl
±LSL140.00 per person

Experience traditional & local entertainment sites in a unique way – riding a donkey! Visit a traditional beer brewing home, local bars & enjoy the local Basotho folk, their music & dancing. Alcoholic & non alcoholic drinks are for sale in the local bars. All drinks at own cost.

Indigenous flower Tour (Summer Only)
LSL100.00 per person

One of Semonkong’s Local Flower experts can introduce you to +-30 indigenous flowers. Learn about their Medicinal uses, all within easy walking distance from Semonkong Lodge and in the Maletsunyane area. Longer trips exploring the surrounding valleys flowers available on request – tailor make your hike directly with your Guide! Max of 10 people.

All Activity prices are subject to change without prior notification.

Semonkong culture